International Devote problem explained
1.How to register an account
answer£ºTo register an account, you need to register with a mobile phone number, and then fill in the relevant information with a normal mobile phone number to get the mobile phone text message. After receiving the text message, enter the verification code to register. Maybe the verification code will enter spam.
2.Online recharge instructions
answer£ºOnline recharge payment, support, WeChat, Alipay, paypal, the system will automatically complete after the payment is successful
3.Purchase video instructions
answer£ºWhen you successfully purchase a video, the viewing period is 365 days. After the expiration, you need to purchase again. The purchased video can be viewed in the personal account purchased, and the APP can be viewed in the viewing history.
4.Upload video description
answer£ºVideo uploading can get a permanent commission. When someone purchases, the system will automatically issue a commission. This is a permanent bonus. You need to set the selling price for uploading videos.
5.How to download the app
If you need to download the APP, then you need to use your mobile phone to visit and click (Dowmload) at the top to download it. It supports IOS and Android. You can install it after downloading. The APP supports live broadcast.
6.Users receive funds
answer£ºThe cash withdrawal method of the account supports PAYPAL transfer, and mainland China supports bank transfer, which will be completed within 1-3 working days.
7.Administrator contact
answer£ºEmail: Mainland China Contact information WeChat: mucanwenhua QQ: 40416878

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