Www.mucanpp.com Website FAQ
Administrator Email: mucanpp@mucanzhe.com
1. How to register an account:
A: Open: http://www.mucanpp.com Click on the home page login, fill in the relevant information to submit, open the account in real time
2. Forgot your password recovery method:
A: http://www.mucanpp.com/member/seek_pwd.html Fill in the registered e-mail address, get the verification code, you can retrieve the password and change the password.
3. The video cannot be played and failed to load.
A: video can't be played, loading failed, maybe Adobe Flash version is too low to play. We strongly recommend using Google Chrome, our program is very compatible with Google Chrom.
4. The recharge did not arrive at the account:
A: The website recharge is all in real time. If it is not received in time, it may be caused by closing the page when your payment is completed.
5. How to watch purchased videos
A: Login account Member CenterConsume recordsClick on the link to watch directly
6. How long does the purchased video last?
A: The video purchased by all users has a viewing time of 180 days. You can watch the purchased video infinitely within 180 days. The expiration system automatically deletes the purchase record, indicating that you have no right to watch and need to purchase it again.
7. How to upload a video:
A: Log in to the account UploadsVideo Uploads to enter the video upload page.
8. Why is the uploaded video deleted?
A: The uploaded video is deleted, there may be pornographic images, infringement of the copyright of others, or the video cannot be viewed, and the transcoding fails.
9. How to view your own video sales commission details
A: Login account Member Center Coin records Here you can view all your video sales
10. Why can't the video be modified and edited?
A: All videos have no right to modify and edit after uploading, the price can't be modified, the videos are unique, and all videos are fair.